Susie - Meryl's Mom

Lisa is a smart, pleasant, energetic person with whom it is easy to communicate. One of Lisa’s first clients was our daughter, Meryl, who is 25 years old and two years out of college. Meryl was looking for a new career path and Lisa was of great help to Meryl. Lisa provided evaluation of Meryl’s interests and aptitude. She made suggestions about use of contacts and networking, advice on applications, email communication and interviews. When more than one offer was on the table, Lisa helped with decision-making. Throughout this process Lisa was supportive, prompt, accessible and patient. She was both a coach and a teammate. Lisa’s service to our daughter was extremely valuable. I highly recommend Lisa.

About Lisa

Chief Career Catalyst @C2C, former Fortune 500 businesswoman, dog lover, avid skier, mediocre tennis player, golfer, new SUPer, aspiring surfer, cyclist, yoga & exercise enthusiast, happy wife & home chef. I am a regular contributor to the Bangor Daily News, and have appeared on WCSH6 where I offer career advice for college students, recent graduates and young professionals.
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