Sally - Tony's Mom

After graduating from college, our son had been looking for a job for 4-5 months when Lisa began working with him. Although he had had a number of interviews, he had received no job offers and was getting discouraged. As parents we were also at a loss as to how to best support his efforts. In addition to her significant expertise, Lisa provided the energy, focus and direction that helped to re-vitalize Tony’s job search. Through his work with Lisa, Tony was better able to identify and articulate his strengths and I believe that along with a re-newed confidence he had in himself, helped to turn his next interview into an actual job offer.

Another aspect of Lisa’s approach that I really appreciated was the confidential relationship she maintained with our son. He could feel safe in expressing his concerns, goals, etc. with Lisa without having to worry about what his parents thought. As a parent, knowing that Lisa was involved and working with Tony, I could let go of feeling the need to be involved, but still know that progress was being made. It was a big relief. Our dinner conversations became much more relaxed.

I think what Lisa provided to our son was invaluable. She helped him figure out what his next step in life should be after college and then worked with him to develop the skills and gain the confidence he needed to take that step. I highly recommend her to any parents, or recent or soon to be graduates who need some assistance in figuring what comes next after college and how to obtain that goal.

About Lisa

Chief Career Catalyst @C2C, former Fortune 500 businesswoman, dog lover, avid skier, mediocre tennis player, golfer, new SUPer, aspiring surfer, cyclist, yoga & exercise enthusiast, happy wife & home chef. I am a regular contributor to the Bangor Daily News, and have appeared on WCSH6 where I offer career advice for college students, recent graduates and young professionals.
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