Sheila - Sara's Mom

Thank you for all your help, Sara really enjoyed working with you. All your help from the resume writing, mock interviews, pre/post interview consults, clothing advice, the list goes on and on, gave Sara the confidence, courage, and knowledge to be successful at her interviews. Your service is very valuable.

Sally - Tony's Mom

After graduating from college, our son had been looking for a job for 4-5 months when Lisa began working with him. Although he had had a number of interviews, he had received no job offers and was getting discouraged. As parents we were also at a loss as to how to best support his efforts. In addition to her significant expertise, Lisa provided the energy, focus and direction that helped to re-vitalize Tony’s job search. Through his work with Lisa, Tony was better able to identify and articulate his strengths and I believe that along with a re-newed confidence he had in himself, helped to turn his next interview into an actual job offer.

Another aspect of Lisa’s approach that I really appreciated was the confidential relationship she maintained with our son. He could feel safe in expressing his concerns, goals, etc. with Lisa without having to worry about what his parents thought. As a parent, knowing that Lisa was involved and working with Tony, I could let go of feeling the need to be involved, but still know that progress was being made. It was a big relief. Our dinner conversations became much more relaxed.

I think what Lisa provided to our son was invaluable. She helped him figure out what his next step in life should be after college and then worked with him to develop the skills and gain the confidence he needed to take that step. I highly recommend her to any parents, or recent or soon to be graduates who need some assistance in figuring what comes next after college and how to obtain that goal.

Melinda - Sophie's Mom

I wanted tell you how pleased I was with the whole internship-seeking process. I was surprised to realize fully how beneficial it was to have Sophie working with a professional. As a result, there was no tension around what should be done, how it should be done and when it should be done! You have the perfect balance of fun, cheery personality with goal-oriented focus and were certainly much more able to extract “work” from Sophie than I would have been. From my standpoint, the entire effort couldn’t have gone more smoothly and I’m thrilled with the results.

Additionally I was impressed with your follow through with me at the end of our contract. You made sure that I understood what had been accomplished, how the tasks had been carried out and what remained to be done.

Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to using your services in the future.


Our son really enjoyed and gained so much from today’s workshop. Among other things, the confidence this instilled in him from one day with you is priceless. And he’s so proud of his resumé.

Thank you!

Maureen - Sara's Mom

C2C is an amazing resource for college students seeking advice and guidance as they transition from full time student to working adult. My daughter, a junior at Roanoke College, benefited greatly from the services provided by Lisa, including the one-on-one sessions, role playing, mock interview, “dress for success” coaching and most recently C2C’s Career Boot Camp with other college students. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa’s services.

Jack - USM '2010

Lisa is high energy, extremely bright, and doesn’t shy away from the direct yet constructive feedback needed to bring a cover letter and resume to the next level.  While her focus may be on recent or upcoming college graduates, I’d highly recommend her to working professionals looking for an edge in an extremely competitive marketplace. Lisa’s questions forced me to think through and articulate why certain items were included in my resume, which resulted in approaching them from a different angle or scrapping them altogether. She also coached me to infuse my personality into cover letters, which tended to be generic and boring. If you’re smart enough to invest in yourself, Lisa’s value far exceeds the cost. She’s a true professional I’d unconditionally recommend.


Geoff - Bates '14

David Fox Photographer IDCNot only did you introduce me to the contact that led to my eventual employment, you kept me motivated and always encouraged me to be working on several leads at once. I have no doubt that working with you resulted in a smoother and faster track towards my employment.

Your extensive managerial experience, and knowing that you have been on the hiring end of the process for years and know what makes an applicant stand out, was certainly reassuring.

I personally found the mock interviews to be incredibly helpful, although I can’t downplay how helpful having somebody assigning deadlines and keeping me productive throughout the search was. You were attentive, punctual, and proactive. You continually adjusted your strategy as my search evolved, and frequently checked in to see what I was looking for week to week.

I absolutely would, and will, recommend you to recent college graduates looking for a job.


Lilly - Lake Forest '15

(The job search) is very personal, and difficult experience, and I felt you were able to connect on a professional and personal level that gave ease to this process. I’m so thankful for all that you did for me during this process. I don’t think I could have had the success and the quick turn around without you!

Katherine - Bates '11

C2C client

Lisa asked me the right questions to get to know my passions and what makes me tick. She then applied her knowledge to help me discover different career options. I will continue to appreciate Lisa’s guidance and her ability to make me think critically and creatively about my career options.

Elizabeth - University of Denver '09

As I was looking to change industries, I needed help in condensing and restructuring my resume to highlight my translatable skills. Lisa’s ability to ask the right questions and provide detailed yet straight-forward direction was invaluable.

I am confident in my improved resume and my ability to highlight my strengths in my pending job search. Whether a new college graduate or a young professional already in the work force, Lisa can help you showcase your best self.