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I worked for Lisa in the past and was very aware of her skills. She is an extremely quick study and always worked to bring out the best in everyone she worked with. Her experience in the corporate world made her a perfect fit to help students go from college to their careers.

Our son attends NYU and was unsuccessful in securing an internship between his sophomore and junior years. During the summer, we signed him up for the Early Launch Program to assess where he was, help with his interview skills, and teach him the skills to help secure an internship. He has always loved humor and within a week of returning to NYU he succeeded in securing an unpaid internship with the Comic Book Defense Fund. Although it was a field he was interested in, she felt he needed to expand his horizons and sent him a link to another opportunity for him to follow up on. He did and starts a paid internship at NBC in January. What more can you say, she’s excellent at what she does and we couldn’t be more pleased!

About Lisa

Chief Career Catalyst @C2C, former Fortune 500 businesswoman, dog lover, avid skier, mediocre tennis player, golfer, new SUPer, aspiring surfer, cyclist, yoga & exercise enthusiast, happy wife & home chef. I am a regular contributor to the Bangor Daily News, and have appeared on WCSH6 where I offer career advice for college students, recent graduates and young professionals.
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