Geoff - Bates '14

David Fox Photographer IDCNot only did you introduce me to the contact that led to my eventual employment, you kept me motivated and always encouraged me to be working on several leads at once. I have no doubt that working with you resulted in a smoother and faster track towards my employment.

Your extensive managerial experience, and knowing that you have been on the hiring end of the process for years and know what makes an applicant stand out, was certainly reassuring.

I personally found the mock interviews to be incredibly helpful, although I can’t downplay how helpful having somebody assigning deadlines and keeping me productive throughout the search was. You were attentive, punctual, and proactive. You continually adjusted your strategy as my search evolved, and frequently checked in to see what I was looking for week to week.

I absolutely would, and will, recommend you to recent college graduates looking for a job.


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