Jack - Northeastern '2021

It is extremely valuable to have somebody who has been in the position of the people I am writing cover letters to to coach me on what to say. It not only made me feel confident, but proved successful in the cover letters that I sent to hiring managers.

I feel much more comfortable going in for an interview. I now know how to prepare, what to expect, and how to answer the “classic” interview questions. On top of that, I feel as though I have enough prepared with my strengths and stories to answer essentially any questions an interviewer may ask about me.

I can’t think of a better/more efficient way to go through (the job search) process.

Ann - Hunter's mom

I felt (our son) would benefit from someone who knew the post college job market, employer’s expectations and who could work more effectively with him than his parents. Also, because of my background in executive search, I realize the importance of coaching candidates, preparing for interviews, addressing strengths, etc. He was truly so excited to get that particular job and we both agreed that your services helped him tremendously. Thank you so much for giving him guidance, 2nd and 3rd interviewing skills, and confidence. He really responded well to what you had to offer.


Hunter - Wesleyan '2016

I’m writing to let you know I got an offer from X company!!! I’m beyond excited and attribute this offer to your help over the past two months. I cannot express how thankful I am.

Molly - UMaine '2016

I loved working with you! Your personality and character allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in your ability to assist me. I found your check-ins, emails, and accessibility to be very helpful throughout our work together. You gave me the confidence and tools to be more efficient in getting applications out.

You were accessible and accommodating to my schedule. You were very helpful and provided great information regarding the whole job search process! Thank you so much!

Lisa - Turner's Mom

I would like to thank you again for being instrumental in Turner’s being offered the (teaching) position. Without your persistence and encouragement, I do not think Turner would have applied. He, and I, have learned how important it is to “play the process out”. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. It has made all the difference.

Floyd - Kayla's Dad

Thanks very much for all your help with my daughter Kayla. She is thrilled with the opportunity to be working at UNUM as are her mother and I.  It certainly sounds like her first five weeks have gone well and she is enjoying it.

Without your coaching, preparation and support I believe her search would have taken much longer. I have told numerous people about your service and I told every one of them that it’s the best money they can invest if their child is searching for a good opportunity.

Rachel - Champlain College '2016


I loved working with you. You were always able to answer any and all of my questions whenever I had them, and helped me perfect my resume, which I had been working on forever. I have never been able to get my resume to one page in my life, so I’m more than impressed that it is at that now.

Turner - Bowdoin '2014

Thank you again for all your help in my job search. Comparing what I know about job searching now with what I knew after graduating, it is remarkable how much I have learned. Finding meaningful work is more challenging that I would have expected, but with your guidance, I have found success! I’m sure the skills you have helped me develop will serve me well should I pursue more jobs in the future. For now, I am enjoying my success and preparing for what should be an exciting and fulfilling job.

J - Cal's Dad

I worked for Lisa in the past and was very aware of her skills. She is an extremely quick study and always worked to bring out the best in everyone she worked with. Her experience in the corporate world made her a perfect fit to help students go from college to their careers.

Our son attends NYU and was unsuccessful in securing an internship between his sophomore and junior years. During the summer, we signed him up for the Early Launch Program to assess where he was, help with his interview skills, and teach him the skills to help secure an internship. He has always loved humor and within a week of returning to NYU he succeeded in securing an unpaid internship with the Comic Book Defense Fund. Although it was a field he was interested in, she felt he needed to expand his horizons and sent him a link to another opportunity for him to follow up on. He did and starts a paid internship at NBC in January. What more can you say, she’s excellent at what she does and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Heidi - Geoff's Mom

Lisa is a true professional, who worked extremely well with our son throughout a 6-month process. She was innovative, consistent, persistent, and provided honest and effective feedback on all aspects of the job search. There were very regular phone check-ins, which kept our son on track and motivated. She was a true champion of his cause, and continued to come up with relevant informational interviews thru her connections, one of which ultimately led to his hire in November. I would highly recommend Lisa and the C2C services to any parent!