Floyd - Kayla's Dad

Thanks very much for all your help with my daughter Kayla. She is thrilled with the opportunity to be working at UNUM as are her mother and I.  It certainly sounds like her first five weeks have gone well and she is enjoying it.

Without your coaching, preparation and support I believe her search would have taken much longer. I have told numerous people about your service and I told every one of them that it’s the best money they can invest if their child is searching for a good opportunity.

J - Cal's Dad

I worked for Lisa in the past and was very aware of her skills. She is an extremely quick study and always worked to bring out the best in everyone she worked with. Her experience in the corporate world made her a perfect fit to help students go from college to their careers.

Our son attends NYU and was unsuccessful in securing an internship between his sophomore and junior years. During the summer, we signed him up for the Early Launch Program to assess where he was, help with his interview skills, and teach him the skills to help secure an internship. He has always loved humor and within a week of returning to NYU he succeeded in securing an unpaid internship with the Comic Book Defense Fund. Although it was a field he was interested in, she felt he needed to expand his horizons and sent him a link to another opportunity for him to follow up on. He did and starts a paid internship at NBC in January. What more can you say, she’s excellent at what she does and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Heidi - Geoff's Mom

Lisa is a true professional, who worked extremely well with our son throughout a 6-month process. She was innovative, consistent, persistent, and provided honest and effective feedback on all aspects of the job search. There were very regular phone check-ins, which kept our son on track and motivated. She was a true champion of his cause, and continued to come up with relevant informational interviews thru her connections, one of which ultimately led to his hire in November. I would highly recommend Lisa and the C2C services to any parent!

Sheila - Sara's Mom

Thank you for all your help, Sara really enjoyed working with you. All your help from the resume writing, mock interviews, pre/post interview consults, clothing advice, the list goes on and on, gave Sara the confidence, courage, and knowledge to be successful at her interviews. Your service is very valuable.

Sally - Tony's Mom

After graduating from college, our son had been looking for a job for 4-5 months when Lisa began working with him. Although he had had a number of interviews, he had received no job offers and was getting discouraged. As parents we were also at a loss as to how to best support his efforts. In addition to her significant expertise, Lisa provided the energy, focus and direction that helped to re-vitalize Tony’s job search. Through his work with Lisa, Tony was better able to identify and articulate his strengths and I believe that along with a re-newed confidence he had in himself, helped to turn his next interview into an actual job offer.

Another aspect of Lisa’s approach that I really appreciated was the confidential relationship she maintained with our son. He could feel safe in expressing his concerns, goals, etc. with Lisa without having to worry about what his parents thought. As a parent, knowing that Lisa was involved and working with Tony, I could let go of feeling the need to be involved, but still know that progress was being made. It was a big relief. Our dinner conversations became much more relaxed.

I think what Lisa provided to our son was invaluable. She helped him figure out what his next step in life should be after college and then worked with him to develop the skills and gain the confidence he needed to take that step. I highly recommend her to any parents, or recent or soon to be graduates who need some assistance in figuring what comes next after college and how to obtain that goal.

Melinda - Sophie's Mom

I wanted tell you how pleased I was with the whole internship-seeking process. I was surprised to realize fully how beneficial it was to have Sophie working with a professional. As a result, there was no tension around what should be done, how it should be done and when it should be done! You have the perfect balance of fun, cheery personality with goal-oriented focus and were certainly much more able to extract “work” from Sophie than I would have been. From my standpoint, the entire effort couldn’t have gone more smoothly and I’m thrilled with the results.

Additionally I was impressed with your follow through with me at the end of our contract. You made sure that I understood what had been accomplished, how the tasks had been carried out and what remained to be done.

Thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to using your services in the future.

Maureen - Sara's Mom

C2C is an amazing resource for college students seeking advice and guidance as they transition from full time student to working adult. My daughter, a junior at Roanoke College, benefited greatly from the services provided by Lisa, including the one-on-one sessions, role playing, mock interview, “dress for success” coaching and most recently C2C’s Career Boot Camp with other college students. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa’s services.

Susie - Meryl's Mom

Lisa is a smart, pleasant, energetic person with whom it is easy to communicate. One of Lisa’s first clients was our daughter, Meryl, who is 25 years old and two years out of college. Meryl was looking for a new career path and Lisa was of great help to Meryl. Lisa provided evaluation of Meryl’s interests and aptitude. She made suggestions about use of contacts and networking, advice on applications, email communication and interviews. When more than one offer was on the table, Lisa helped with decision-making. Throughout this process Lisa was supportive, prompt, accessible and patient. She was both a coach and a teammate. Lisa’s service to our daughter was extremely valuable. I highly recommend Lisa.