Geoff - Bates '14

David Fox Photographer IDCNot only did you introduce me to the contact that led to my eventual employment, you kept me motivated and always encouraged me to be working on several leads at once. I have no doubt that working with you resulted in a smoother and faster track towards my employment.

Your extensive managerial experience, and knowing that you have been on the hiring end of the process for years and know what makes an applicant stand out, was certainly reassuring.

I personally found the mock interviews to be incredibly helpful, although I can’t downplay how helpful having somebody assigning deadlines and keeping me productive throughout the search was. You were attentive, punctual, and proactive. You continually adjusted your strategy as my search evolved, and frequently checked in to see what I was looking for week to week.

I absolutely would, and will, recommend you to recent college graduates looking for a job.


Lilly - Lake Forest '15

(The job search) is very personal, and difficult experience, and I felt you were able to connect on a professional and personal level that gave ease to this process. I’m so thankful for all that you did for me during this process. I don’t think I could have had the success and the quick turn around without you!

Katherine - Bates '11

C2C client

Lisa asked me the right questions to get to know my passions and what makes me tick. She then applied her knowledge to help me discover different career options. I will continue to appreciate Lisa’s guidance and her ability to make me think critically and creatively about my career options.

Elizabeth - University of Denver '09

As I was looking to change industries, I needed help in condensing and restructuring my resume to highlight my translatable skills. Lisa’s ability to ask the right questions and provide detailed yet straight-forward direction was invaluable.

I am confident in my improved resume and my ability to highlight my strengths in my pending job search. Whether a new college graduate or a young professional already in the work force, Lisa can help you showcase your best self.

Anthony - Bates '13

I truly valued working with you. I believe that it was instrumental to my success in gaining employment. Your process helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do in order to improve my search process and make myself more attractive to potential employers. By working with you, I was able to significantly improve my resume, hone my interview skills, establish a social media presence, refine my job search, and gain essential networking skills. I would strongly recommend you to anyone looking to start their career out of college; even to people who believe that they know what it takes to land a job and have a solid understanding of the job market in their field.

Anthony casual photo

Haley - UVM '09

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence and understanding to negotiate my salary. It was incredibly helpful to understand how aspects of my new job would affect my pay. The practice and routine you helped me create for myself in regards to editing my resume has made the job search process less intimidating.

Updating my resume in different formats helped me land the position I have now, in a career I was eager to jump into. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Meryl - Colby '11

Meryl on the fieldWorking with Lisa gave me something that my college career counseling service didn’t: honest, individual attention. She was able to understand my individual strengths and desires and articulate them to me in a way that provided me great clarity with my career goals. Furthermore, Lisa was truly a career coach for me.

A college career counselor is there to get you up and running with your search and your direction – but what happens when you’re one, two, three years down the road from that experience and you’re facing new circumstances and needing advice with transitioning, strategy, leveraging, etc.? Lisa was able to help me in areas beyond resume design, cover letter writing and interviewing – she gave me knowledge and a plan about how to handle more complicated situations in the job hunt. All of Lisa’s coaching has combined to leave me feeling far more confident and savvy – not just in job hunting, but in everything I could provide to a potential employer.

Amanda - University of Maine '13

I really enjoyed working with you, and feel as though I learned vital advice about the job world. My resume is easily 100% improved. I think your edits and comments that guided me through the application process were unbelievably helpful. I am so grateful and appreciative that I got the opportunity to work with you and would undoubtedly recommend you to anyone looking for career counseling.

Sara - University of Southern Maine '13

For me, the process of promoting oneself is extremely uncomfortable; yet, I felt at ease and in control working with you. Your honesty allowed me to trust you and feel comfortable instantly.

The resume advice helped me present myself in a professional manner, while the other services strengthened my interview skills. You helped me stay on top of each step during the application and interview process. The communication was phenomenal and 100% beneficial. I know my job search process was faster as a result of working with you.

Alexa - Bowdoin '15

I wanted to let you know that I got a call on Wednesday receiving an offer to join the “major consulting firm” [name deleted intentionally] as a Business Analyst in New York! Thank you again for all your help with the mock interview and with answering my questions over these last few weeks. Some of the interview questions we went over actually did come up in my interviews, so it definitely helped to have gone over them before.