All prospective clients receive a free, 30-minute long introductory phone call. Together, we’ll discuss your personal goals, what you can expect from me through our work together, and which package of career coaching services is best suited to meet your job search objectives. As with all my clients, I will take the time to get to know you and what makes you unique so that I can create custom-tailored approach from my array of services to prepare you to be successful in your job search journey.

THE WORKS: our most popular package.

Create, capitalize and convert opportunities into real job offers.

This comprehensive package includes ALL the services under the Resume and Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn Profile, Video Mock Interviewing, and Networking packages. Includes weekly coaching calls for the first month, then bi-weekly thereafter**, regular email support, and assistance reviewing/negotiating job offers. Additionally, this package comes with basic financial advice on realistic expectations of your worth in the marketplace, understanding what you need to earn to cover student debt, if any, and basics such as rent. Also included is the Strengths Finder* assessment to help you understand your strengths, how they fit with your fields of interest and how to communicate them effectively in interviews. This package is my most popular, as it is the most thorough, and cost effective, option. Available for college juniors and seniors, graduates and professionals, young or experienced. Duration of services capped at six months.


Create opportunities.

A great resume and cover letter help you get in the door and get an interview, the first step to getting a great job. This package of services includes an initial 60-minute phone conversation to review goals, resume and cover letter template, review of existing resume, up to 3 rounds total of resume/cover letter edits, plus email support. Customizing your resume for specific jobs, formatting, and computerized key word search and file saving tips also included. Duration of services capped at 30 days.


Customize your profile for maximum impact.

LinkedIn is the first place a recruiter will go to check you out. Having a strong profile can be the difference in whether you make the cut. With this package, you will learn how to create a compelling profile, from creating an attention-grabbing headline to crafting your summary, highlighting your experience and unique qualifications. Additionally, you will learn how to leverage LinkedIn’s features and settings to raise your visibility and help build your connections. Includes 4 one-hour coaching sessions plus email support. Duration of services capped at 60 days.


Capitalize on your connections.

Networking is about building, leveraging and capitalizing on your connections to create opportunities that don’t currently exist. Arguably, this is the most important skill to land a great job and build connections that will last well into your career.

In this package, you will learn how to create and leverage your own custom job search network, understand the role of informational interviews, how to prepare for them and what questions to ask. You’ll also learn how to ask for, and get, interviews with connections that you might have overlooked. We will leverage your LinkedIn profile to help you make valuable connections. You’ll also learn how to hone your informational interviewing skills to turn the interviews into job opportunities. Includes 4 one-hour coaching sessions. Duration of services capped at 60 days.


Convert opportunities into offers.

Interviews are your chance to show that you have the skills, passion and interest to be successful in the position. Looking great on paper is only the first step. You have to nail the interview, often several interviews, to get the offer.

This package of services includes a 45-minute videotaped mock interview, along with both oral and written review of your performance and a copy of your video. I will provide detailed feedback on everything from body language, speech patterns, strength of your responses and performance improvement tips. You’ll get a customized list of key interview questions and advice on how to respond while staying true to you and your experience. We will also work on informational interviewing, understanding the nuances of an informational interview and how to prepare your list of questions. Additional email support included. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video of your interviewing skills is worth a million. Duration of services capped at 1 month.

EARLY LAUNCH (for freshman|sophomores)

Prepare now for your future career.

This package of services focuses on preparation for your future career and is a less intense version of the Works, conducted in a compressed time frame. Includes 6 bi-weekly video coaching calls, creating and/or fine-tuning your resume, and an analysis of your work experience and leadership roles. We’ll identify gaps in your experience that you can address now, while there is still an opportunity. We’ll discuss securing internships and develop an internship search strategy to build resume experience. Includes creation of your LinkedIn profile and interview prep tools. This package is available to freshmen and sophomores only. Duration of services capped at 3 months.


Capitalize on the momentum you’ve built.

The continuation package provides 3 months of supplemental support, including any of the services offered under the Works, during your junior and/or senior year, as well an additional video interview. Must be purchased within 6 months of completion of the Early Launch.


If you don’t see a package of career coaching services that matches what you are looking for, please inquire and I’d be happy to create a customized consultation package for you designed to meet your job search needs.

* StrengthsFinder is a Gallup product. Book cost not included.

**Coaching calls can be in person, via Skype/Facetime or phone.