Getting from Couch to Career

your college kid's winter break plan

If you’re the parent of a college student or recent graduate, it’s likely that your career advice falls on deaf ears. Remember what you were like at their age? The harder our parents pushed, the more likely we resisted.

Raising kids is hard, but rewarding. You do everything for them and all you want is for them to be happy. And hopefully, they find a job and eventually move out. But getting them from couch to career is easier said than done.

Does your student…

Need to know she won’t blow the job of her dreams with a social media blunder?
Need to know that even though his actual job experience is limited to summer boat handler and restaurant server, he still has a good shot at convincing an employer that he can step into that professional engineering role?
Need to know that “be yourself” in a job interview is one of the great lies?
Need a few practice laps so that when the race is on – for real – for that first out-of-college job, she has already shaken her rowdies out and has her head laser-locked in?

So how can you help if they won’t listen? There’s good news: C2C’s Career Boot Camp can help.

The Boot Camp Promise:
• Resume Writing Made Easy
• Cover Letters an Employer Will Actually Read
• LinkedIn 101 – Tips and Tools for a Great Profile
• Building Interviewing Confidence
• Real life advice from our panel of Recruiters & HR Professionals

Hurry – registration is limited! Click here to learn more about how to put your child’s career on fast forward.

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Chief Career Catalyst @C2C, former Fortune 500 businesswoman, dog lover, avid skier, mediocre tennis player, golfer, new SUPer, aspiring surfer, cyclist, yoga & exercise enthusiast, happy wife & home chef. I am a regular contributor to the Bangor Daily News, and have appeared on WCSH6 where I offer career advice for college students, recent graduates and young professionals.
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