Converting your interview into a job offer

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Converting your interview into a job offer is the goal of all job searches. So how do you do it?

You’ve done the hard work: crafted an outstanding resume, written an engaging cover letters, passed the initial phone screen, aced the interview and then landed the coveted second interview.  You are feeling confident that the interviews went well. You can feel that the offer is coming. When you walk out the door, you are not done. Far from it. Now is the time to finish strong and use this key tip for converting your interview into a job offer.

So what’s my proven key tip? 

Send a thank you note to every single person with whom you met. Within 24 hours of your interview, 48 maximum.

Email thank you notes are fine in today’s business climate. I generally advise my clients to send a hand-written thank you in addition to an email thank you. The advantage of email thank you notes is that they arrive sooner. That said, if you are emailing your thank you notes, NEVER send:

1. A group email thank you note
2. The identical thank you note to more than one person
3. A generic thank you note


A group email note is a like broadcasting that you are lazy and look for short cuts at every turn. Everyone with whom you interviewed knows with whom else you interviewed. When they receive your email thank you, there is a fair probability that they will forward it to the others.

Next, make sure that your thank you notes are tailored to each individual.

Reference one or two things that the interviewer said that made a positive impression upon you. Please, take your time crafting your thank you notes, use spell check, AND proof read them. At least twice. A single typo in your thank you email will cost you the job offer.

A well-crafted thank you note that reiterates both your qualifications and interest in the role can be what gets you the coveted job offer. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Janet Elkin, CEO of Supplemental Health Care, in an interview with Adam Bryant of the New York Times, shared the following:

“The other deal killer can come at the end. I always give them my business card and say, “Please contact me with any questions.” And then I wait to see if they send me a thank-you email. And only 60% do.”

Don’t be a 40 percenter. Whatever you do, ALWAYS SEND a THANK YOU. If CEO’s pay attention to this, you can be sure that their hiring managers do too. Take a tip from Jimmy Fallon that just might make the difference as to whether you get the offer or not. Craft a timely, and well-written, thank you note to seal the deal.

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