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Money 101 for New College Grads – A Guide To Understanding Your Pay, Benefits and Expenses

money 101

You are about to embark on your post-graduation life. The future is full of possibilities, options and opportunities for you to make your mark. Having strong financial fundamentals is a critical skill you need to make a successful transition to independence. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely your college curriculum included Money 101.

The transition to adulthood comes with new territory to navigate, such as paying taxes and rent, and buying food, all things you’ve likely taken for granted until now.

Learning these few simple tips about understanding your pay, benefits and expenses will help you make better choices and develop money-wise habits early in your financial life. (more…)

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8 Things Valentine’s Day and Job Searches Have in Common


Valentine’s Day. Two words, and a single date on the calendar, that evoke a whole range of emotions. From early childhood, Valentine’s Day has been a holiday that is filled with eager anticipation, from boxes of cheap Valentine’s cards to Sweetheart candies filled with promises of love.

As we get older, it’s florists and jewelers who bombard us with ads, and TV shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette, that fuel our (often unrealistic) expectations of romance. A retailer’s holiday filled with profit at the expense of our wallets, and occasionally, self-esteem.

Will this be the year that you…? Go ahead, fill in the blank. After all, the possibilities are endless. Until they are not, a lot like a job search. Here are 8 things Valentine’s Day and your job search might have in common. (more…)

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