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How to Get Out of Your Dead-End Job


Your Job Search Questions Answered Here

I asked my readers and Facebook community what questions they had regarding their job search challenges. Today’s blog post topic is courtesy of my fabulous group of Facebook followers, one of whom wanted to know how to get out of a dead-end job, specifically retail or administrative work. If you have graduated in the past few years and are one of the many “underemployed” college graduates, here are some tips to get out of your rut and on to a more interesting and rewarding career path. (more…)

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“Rodeo Girl”: why you need a “sticky message” to get a job

RodeogirlMy good friend, Carol, who is a marketing genius, taught me the importance of having a “sticky message”. A sticky what, you say? A sticky message is the take away that you leave your audience with whether it’s a conversation, a speech, or an interview. A great sticky message is easy to remember, it’s unique, and most importantly, it’s memorable. Memorable as in your message will be remembered for 3 hours, 3 weeks, 3 months, maybe even three years. It’s the key to great advertising. Think of Nike: “Just Do It.” (more…)

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The Cover Letter: you’re not trying to get married, all you want is a date.

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I have seen countless cover letters that miss the mark but the worst ones, by far, are the ones that go on, and on, and on. Cover letters are intended to pique the interest of the employer just enough to get them to take a good look at your resume. That is, if they even read your cover letter.

A great cover letter is short, direct, and succinctly states how you might help the employer, not vice versa. (more…)

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