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6 Key Skills You Need to Get Hired in Today’s Job Market

If you are graduating this spring and don’t yet have that great job you’ve been dreaming of, these 6 skills will help you land a great job. Of course it also helps if you have a good GPA and a few internships under your belt. But while a good GPA helps open doors, getting a job offer takes more than academic accomplishments. (more…)

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Is Your Job Search as Busted as Your March Madness Bracket? 8 tips for getting back in the game.

Luke Maye

Photo by Kevin C. Cox

It’s March Madness when everyone becomes a basketball fan, if only for the office bracket pool. If your job search is feeling as busted as your March Madness bracket, take a few lessons from your favorite team to re-ignite your search. Below are 7  tips to help you get back in the game.


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Career-Killing Lessons from the Oscars (and 8 ways to fix them)

2017 Oscars blunder, career coaching

Photo by Al Seib of the Los Angeles Times

The 2017 Oscars ceremony likely will be remembered not for who took home the most Oscars (La La Land) but for the potential career-killing blunder that occurred at the end of the awards show. Fans who watched the nearly four hour presentation were as stunned as the audience was when the wrong film was named Best Picture. How could a Steve Harvey Miss Universe moment happen again at one of the most tightly scripted award shows? (more…)

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Maine Movers and Makers: Interview with Ed McKersie, founder of

This interview with Ed McKersie, is part of my new blog series, Maine Movers and Makers, featuring career insights from Maine’s leading executives. Ed is the President of Pro Search, a recruiting and placement services company focused on connecting talent with Maine based employers. He is also the creative force and founder of, a website dedicated to making “Vacationland Work for You.”

Ed McKersie Pro Search LiveandWorkinMaine

“Ask good questions.”

This interview has been edited for space and clarity.

Please tell me a bit about your childhood and the influences that helped shape you?


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Converting your interview into a job offer

job offer

Converting your interview into a job offer is the goal of all job searches. So how do you do it?

You’ve done the hard work: crafted an outstanding resume, written an engaging cover letters, passed the initial phone screen, aced the interview and then landed the coveted second interview.  You are feeling confident that the interviews went well. You can feel that the offer is coming. When you walk out the door, you are not done. Far from it. Now is the time to finish strong and use this key tip for converting your interview into a job offer.

So what’s my proven key tip?  (more…)

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How to Keep Your Resume Out of the Application Black Hole

resume application black hole

The application black hole. Where resumes go to die.

The application black hole, where resumes go to die. If you are one of over 1.6 million of college seniors looking for their first “real job”, you know it all too well by now. You’ve applied on line and sent in your resume to so many companies that you’ve lost track. And, you hear nothing, from anyone. If you are lucky, the online application process will send you a computer generated email thanking you for applying for the job. And that’s it. Days, weeks, and sometimes even months go by and nothing. So what should you do? (more…)

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Life Lessons Learned on the Iconic Tour de France Climb

life lessons learned on the iconic Tour de France climb

life lessons learned on the iconic Tour de France climb

Life can throw amazing lessons at you, especially when you aren’t looking. The life lessons I learned on the iconic Tour de France climb might help you conquer the challenges of searching for a new job.

Our trip included cycling up Mont Ventoux, a bucket list item for many avid cyclists. Nicknamed “The Beast of Provence,” the climb boasts:

  • winds that blow an average of 90kph (56 mph) most of the year
  • a mountain summit of 1,912 meters (6,269 feet)
  • 21 km (13 miles) of continuous climbing at grades averaging 9 percent.


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Attracting the Best and Brightest Millennials


Generational changes always impact hiring, especially perceptions about workplace readiness. This has been true for every generation, notwithstanding the current obsession with the Milliennial generation. The great myth that Millennials are lazy, entitled and high maintenance isn’t serving employers, or Millennials, well.


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2016 Job Market for College Grads: C2C’s Annual Report

job market for new college grads looking brighter

Graduation season is here, which means that it’s time for C2C’s annual state of the job market. There is good news: compared with 2015, the employment landscape for the class of 2016 looks more favorable, yet is not without its challenges.

  1. A slight uptick in hiring expectations gives reason for optimism
  2. Reality clash persists between graduate expectations and self-assessment of job-readiness, and employer offers and requirements
  3. Entry-level wages remain stagnant while student debt soars

Now, let’s look at the data underlying the assessment: (more…)

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5 Critical Interview Tips You Can Use to Find the Right Job for You

job interview

When preparing for an interview, many of my clients initially focus all their energy on preparing their answers for the typical interview questions: “Tell me about yourself?”, “What are your strengths (or weaknesses)” and the money question, “Why should we hire you?”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s critical that you have great responses to these, and a host of other questions. But equally important is making the interview work for you. Below are 5 critical interview tips to help you understand if the job is the right job for you. (more…)

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