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12 tips for getting the most out of your summer internship

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If you were lucky enough to score a summer internship, chances are you are several weeks into your experience. Now is a great time to step back and evaluate how you are doing, and whether you are getting the most from your opportunity. Here are several tips to make sure you maximize your internship experience – for both you and your employer. (more…)

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6 Tips To Get An Internship

Photo of JOBS and internship articleIt is still true in today’s economy that if you have graduated without one, ideally two, internships that your likelihood of getting a good job, quickly, is much, much lower. According to Forbes, “66% of employers view interview performance and relevant experience” as the most critical factors in making a hiring decision. So what should you do if you are looking for an internship and your resume is seriously lacking in pertinent experience? Here are 6 tips to get an internship. (more…)

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How To Find A Summer Internship

fast track your job search

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Job searching, perhaps the most dreaded activity ever. And looking for your first real job or internship? Well, that’s daunting. It’s nothing like the retail jobs you might have applied for where you filled out a form and the most important qualification was whether you were available to work nights and weekends. (more…)

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Getting from Couch to Career

your college kid's winter break plan

If you’re the parent of a college student or recent graduate, it’s likely that your career advice falls on deaf ears. Remember what you were like at their age? The harder our parents pushed, the more likely we resisted. (more…)

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12 Things To Do Before You Leave Your Summer Internship


In a few short weeks, chances are you’ll be packing your bags and heading back to campus. Hopefully, you’ve spent the summer working at a fabulous company gaining practical experience that you can add to your resume. Your internship may have helped you become clearer on your career path. Even if your summer internship did not live up your expectations, or you’ve crossed the field you worked in off your future career list, you’ll still want to leverage your summer experience.

Here are 12 things to do before you leave your summer internship. (more…)

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How To Score Your First Internship (or Job)

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If you are a) a college sophomore or junior looking for an internship, b) a college senior looking for a job or c) a recent (or not so recent) college grad still looking for a job, then this was written for you. You’ll learn a few key things you can do to score your first internship (or job).

Getting a great job or valuable internship is a) unfortunately a LOT harder than you think it will be (trust me) and b) likely will take two to three times longer than your worst case estimation. A recent Gallup Poll confirmed that graduates who had an internship that leveraged what they studied in college greatly felt much more prepared to enter the working world. If you ask any college graduate one thing that they wish that they had done differently in their job search, nearly everyone you ask will say that they wish that they had started looking earlier. Understanding this, and adjusting your game plan accordingly, are critical to how successful your job or internship search will be.

One of the most effective things you can do to increase your odds of landing a great internship (more…)

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