6 Tips on how to move to a new city without a job and not go broke



1. Start saving. I know I am stating the obvious but it is important and most Americans don’t have great savings habits. Saving comes in a variety of forms, from socking away cash, to selling off possessions to eliminating all but the most essential expenses. Before you make a move to another city, it’s advisable to have a minimum of 3 months of living expenses. You need to have cash to live and running up credit card debt to finance a move without a job is a lousy investment.
2. Do your research on what it will cost you to live in your new city. Understand what the cost of living is where you want to move (rent, transportation costs, what typical lease requirements are. Do you need to have first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit before you can even sign a lease?
3. Do more research. On employers, jobs, the economy, your competition, i.e. what’s the employment rate for recent graduates. Check out key employers and colleges and universities in the area. The greater the concentration of the latter, the more competition you can expect for entry-level jobs but the upside is there also are likely to be more jobs.
4. Move to a location where you have a few friends, ideally friends with couches that can be had for short money. If you can’t do that, check out AirBnB for sublet options. or CraigsList but be wary of potential scams.
5. Figure out if you’ll need a part time job to get by while you search for your ideal job. Have a second resume ready that will land you that barista job or one waiting tables. Just remember to keep your part time job part time so that you’ll have plenty of time to look for your “real job”.
6. Keep a detailed accounting of your expenses associated with the move. If you find a job quickly, your employer might be willing to reimburse you for some of your moving expenses. But do NOT, under any circumstances, bring this up until after you’ve had an actual job offer. If you don’t want to raise the issue, or your employer won’t reimburse you, you may be able to deduct some of your expenses when you file your income taxes.

So start dreaming about where you want to live then start working your plan. If you’re still not convinced about moving without a job, you might want to check this out first. Good luck. Your future career awaits you.

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