Attracting the Best and Brightest Millennials


Generational changes always impact hiring, especially perceptions about workplace readiness. This has been true for every generation, notwithstanding the current obsession with the Milliennial generation. The great myth that Millennials are lazy, entitled and high maintenance isn’t serving employers, or Millennials, well.

Millennials are tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and strategic risk takers. All skills any organization that wants to remain relevant needs. But do you know how to recruit effectively to entice the best of the recent, and future, crop of graduates?

Attracting top talent requires you to shift both your thinking and recruiting tactics. The way Millennials job search is vastly different than the way their parents or grandparents approached a job search. If you haven’t adapted your recruiting strategies, you’ll struggle to find the talent you need. This is especially true for highly sought after professions, such as engineering and software development, where candidates are in the driver’s seat.

To start, you’ll want to look very closely at your messaging and your branding. Today’s job searchers want assurance that your company’s mission and values align with their values. They also demand authenticity and the opportunity to make an impact. According to Fortune Magazine, the top ranked workplaces for Millennials “stand out for their ability to engage this generation, recognize their talents and give them a significant role where they can make a difference.” This infographic details how you can amp up your recruiting.

New Hire Recruiting Trends: How to Secure Your Next College Grad

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